Apple tree planting

It’s the ideal time to plant Apple trees in the garden, now that everything is dormant.  Apple trees are available from most good Garden Centres, bare root specimens are excellent and cost between €18 – €25 for a 2 year old specimen, which is ideal. Of course once you buy trees that are in pots then the price escalates.

If you have a small garden, you ideally need a small tree. Don’t think you can’t grow fruit trees in a small urban garden. The important thing to determine the size of the tree is the rootstock. A rootstock is used to restrict the vigour of fruit trees and allow a range to grow in a small space. They can also contribute to the disease resisting abilities of the plant.

Apple trees are grafted on the following rootstocks;

M27                 Trees will grow to 2m / 6ft high

M9                   Trees will grow to 2.5m / 8ft high

M26                 Trees will grow to 3m / 10ft high

MM106            Trees will grow to 4m / 14ft high

MM111            Trees will grow to 5m / 18ft high

Choose a apple tree that is grown on a rootstock that suits your garden.

Recommended sweet apple varieties;

Ard Cairn Russet       – Dry, firm and sweet variety, old Irish variety

Cox’s Orange Pippin  –Red, sweet and crisp variety

Discovery                    – Reliable cropper

James Grieve              – Yellow and juicy

Jonagold                      – Crisp flavour

Katy                              – Reliable cropper

Royal Gala                  – Small red apples

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