Design Process Step 4 – Site Works

  • Based on an agreed set of Contract drawings, a fee shall be agreed with the Client for this Phase of works.
  • A kick-start meeting shall be arranged on site with the appointed contractor and Client, to review the Tender package and any queries of site works.
  • Based on the complexity of the design, S C O T T  landscape design shall visit and review works on site and provide site inspection reports for records, the number of site visits shall be agreed at the start of this Phase of works.
  • Sample panels of paving works or other landscape elements shall be provided by contractor and signed off by  S C O T T  landscape design and Client.
  • Plant nursery inspections shall be arranged by S C O T T  landscape design to ensure quality plants are delivered.
  • A snag list of all defects shall be drawn up by the end of the contract and the contractor shall carry this list out.
  • A final inspection of works shall be carried out.
  • Payment as per the agreed fee proposal shall be provided upon completion of this Phase of works.