Design Process Step 3 – Contract Drawings & Tender Process

  • Based on a agreed set of detailed drawings, S C O T T  landscape design shall proceed with providing contract drawings and Tender process, further to confirmation of a submitted fee proposal for this stage of work.
  • A set of contract drawings shall be provided.
  • A Bill of Quantities shall be drawn up to itemise all the items in the contract.
  • A list of 3 landscape contractors shall be drawn up and Tender documents (drawings and Bill of Quantities) shall be sent out to contractors for pricing.
  • S C O T T  landscape design shall be available to all contractor for any queries that arise.
  • Returned Tenders will be reviewed and analysed. Any queries that arise regarding pricing will be addressed by S C O T T  landscape design.
  • A Tender report, recommending a landscape contractor based on submitted Tenders shall be provided to Client.
  • Payment as per the agreed fee proposal shall be provided upon delivery of the Tender report.